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Blog Performance

Recently I revamped this blog site using the amazing GatsbyJS. I noticed immediately how much faster it was, and that was in part due to how much work has gone into making gatsby produce an optimized site. I recently watched a video by Sam Saccone and Paul Irish about performance and metrics. They spoke about two tools Lighthouse and PWMetrics which you can use today to measure your site performance in a useful way. I was able to quickly grasp what bottlenecks were having an adverse affect on the blogs load times.

Through diagnosis I was able to drastically improve the score. Here is what I get from pwmetrics today.


You can even generate it yourself. Just try out the commands below.

yarn global add pwmetrics
yarn global add lighthouse

The next version of GatsbyJS, v1, is being developed right now. It will improve performance even more so, and I am really looking forward to it. Between inline CSS, offline support via service workers, and more, it will be the best release yet. If I find spare time I will definitely be contributing to it and I think you should to!